About the Editor

Dillicious is the “brain” child of Heath Dill, a distantly-recent graduate of Lt. Job Lane Elementary School in Bedford, MA, where he no longer lives.  In his spare time, he works as a software engineer, sings early music, and cooks.  For some inexplicable reason, he thinks people want to hear about the latter.  You can reach him at dilliciousblog@gmail.com.

Heath would like to thank his roommate Richard for being his audience’s first line of defense against food poisoning.


Katie is a distant graduate of Sunrise Elementary School in Kent,
Washington, where she no longer resides.  She has lived in five
different states and at 19 different addresses with many more moves
than 18.  Katie is a resident of Dorchester who teaches high school
math.  In her spare time, Katie enjoys yoga, biking, music, Spanish,
and learning to knit.  Most importantly, she enjoys cooking for and
feeding other people!  You can reach her at oceankatie@gmail.com.

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